Meet Amanda


I am a medical esthetician, and the owner of Rosy Glow Aesthetics. My passion for skin came when I was very young, struggling with acne. I was very lucky to have a parent who cared deeply about taking me to the dermatologist, but it never solved anything. I was put on countless medications for years and years. These medications came with some severe side effects, and I found such a disconnect with acne medications and the rest of my health.

What it did give me was a passion for all things skin. I started experimenting on myself, and my family members with at-home treatments, and still to this day my mom, cousins and aunts are my guinea pigs. If there’s a new treatment I want to try out there, I always test it on one of them first. In 2008 I graduated from Aesthetician school and moved to Colorado.


I always say growing up with acne gave me my career, it was awful and sometimes I still think about the comments kids would say about my appearance, but I can now confidently say, I am so thankful for it. Without that experience, I wouldn’t be so driven to help every single person who lays down on my table. Every treatment is a way to use all of the knowledge I have learned over the years. Most of my background has been in the medical field of Aesthetics. I worked as a medical assistant for a Dermatologist. This was such a dream of mine, every month when I would go to the Dermatologist as a kid I dreamed about working there! I was exposed to so many different skin diseases, that really helps me in my day-to-day now. My time there I learned so much from both the Doctor and her Physician Assistant, who I often refer my clients to for their yearly skin exams and anything else that seems unusual. One of my favorite things about working there was performing surgery with the Doctor on skin cancers. This clinic continues to save lives everyday and I feel very lucky to have started my career there.

After that I worked for a regenerative medicine clinic, under one of the smartest doctors I’ve ever met. Her commitment to her patients is unlike anything I’ve ever seen from a doctor and I will always be in awe of this woman. I acquired all my certification on lasers, and other various machines, while working there. These two jobs gave me the confidence, and knowledge I use everyday while running Rosy Glow Aesthetics.

My goal for every client is for them to have healthy, glowing skin. I truly believe when people feel confident they give the best of themselves in their daily lives. When someone feels beautiful, that shines through every aspect of their day. Using innovative medical grade, and natural skin care products gives the best of both worlds to our clients. Every treatment is customized to the specific needs of the client.



Chemical peels
Laser hair removal
IPL photo facial
Inmode body contouring
IV certified
Medical Assistant
*Amanda holds all certifications; view our services page for current Rosy Glow offerings.